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5 Benefits of Buying a Low Flow Toilet

5 Benefits of Buying a Low Flow Toilet

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In the early ’90s, the American government responded to water conservation concerns by requiring all newly-made toilets to be low flow toilets. These new toilets used less water per flush, but the original versions were weaker than conventional toilets and sometimes required multiple flushes for solid waste. However, modern low flush models are stronger and are a good choice for any home. If your home has an older toilet, we can tell you why you should switch out to a new low flow toilet.

Here are five reasons you should switch to using a low flow toilet:


Save money

Older toilet models use about 3.4 gallons of water every time you flush. However, low flow toilets use about half of that amount, resulting in a savings of about 1.6 gallons per flush. Lowering your water usage by getting one of these toilets is certain to help you save on your water bills.


Save space

Do you not have enough space in your bathroom? Because low flow toilets use less water, they tend to have smaller tanks than older models. This means you can get some extra space if you switch out to a low flow model. Also, if you happen to have DIY skills, it’s easier to install a smaller toilet yourself.


Out with the old

Do you remember the low flow toilet mandate we mentioned in the intro? That was introduced in 1994. If your home’s toilets aren’t low flow models, they’re very likely to break from old age soon. Get yourself a low flow model and avoid having to deal with a broken toilet.


Environmentally friendly

Low flow toilets owe their popularity to a growing concern for water conservation. As mentioned before, low flow models use 1.6 gallons per flush compared to the traditional 3.4. Because of this, there’s more water for other applications, such as sustainable farming. Committing to saving energy and water can help improve your local community for years to come!


Get a rebate

Thanks to low flow toilets, water treatment plants have to treat less sewage. Along with their decreased water usage, this makes low flow toilets something water management companies want people to use. Many water management companies may have rebates or special offers if you replace your old toilet with a modern low flow model. Ask your local water company to see if you might qualify for any special offers.


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