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5 Ways LED Lighting Can Help Your Pennsylvania Home

5 Ways LED Lighting Can Help Your Pennsylvania Home

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led lighting in Pennsylvania by McHale's KBA

Out of the many types of lights available for purchase, LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is becoming a popular choice for Pennsylvania homes. These lights are becoming cheaper to produce while the technology behind them is getting more reliable and efficient. Because of this, LED lights are becoming more effective than conventional incandescent lightbulbs. To get an idea of how LED lighting is the future, take a look at this Department of Energy estimate. Widespread LED usage has the potential to save about 347 terawatt-hours per day by 2027. If you translate that to current electricity prices, that’s $30 trillion a day! This sort of knowledge only describes a bit as to how LED lighting can improve your home.

Here are five more reasons to get LED lighting for your Pennsylvania home:


Lower temperatures mean more safety

Traditional lights often have the capability of getting dangerously hot. Your average incandescent light bulb converts only 10% of the energy it uses to lighting. The rest of that energy gets converted to heat, making these lights inefficient and a potential burning hazard. Meanwhile, not only do LED lights use less energy in general, but they’re much more efficient at converting it to useful light. Also, they work on low-voltage electrical systems, which can be safer in the event of an electrical fault.


Greatly extended lifespans

Depending on how good of a light you get, LED lights can run anywhere from 30 to 50 thousand hours. More common contemporary lights, such as incandescent lightbulbs, only have about 1,000 hours of life. Compact fluorescent lighting, a popular option in commercial settings, can run 8,000-10,000 hours. Also, LED lights slowly dim as the die, giving you a warning about your lighting’s health and age. LED lighting’s longer lifespans and age indicators will make your lights lower maintenance.


Uses less energy

LED lights only use about half as much electricity as incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lights. A complete revamp of your home’s lighting by replacing them with LED lights can save you plenty of money in energy bills. A big reason LED lighting uses less energy is because they’re directional lights. A single LED light only illuminates a semicircle instead of the 360° range conventional lights have. This means they use less energy to light up. However, LED lights can be bundled together to provide 360° lighting while still using less energy than a regular lightbulb.


Simple to dispose

A lot of modern lights have special precautions for disposal. With fluorescent lights, for instance, the light you see comes from a reaction caused by running electricity through mercury vapor. This reaction makes the gas emit ultraviolet light that makes the phosphor-coated lamp glow. However, mercury is very toxic, and products that use it generally have special directions for disposing of them. LED lights have no special considerations and are easily recyclable.


Great CRI (Color Rendering Index)

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a rating that measures a manmade light’s ability to show natural colors. As a light gets closer to 100, the baseline of natural light, it gets better at showing natural colors. Low CRI lights, such as sodium vapor lamps, give off a yellow/orange glow. LED lights have an average CRI of 65 to 95, which is generally considered very good. This makes LED lights very good choices for landscaping lighting, background lighting for manual work, and other aesthetic lights.


What makes McHale’s KBA a great source of lighting for my home?

At McHale’s Kitchen and Bath, our goal for every job is for you to enjoy your investment. Almost 70 years of experience have taught us that remodeling is a process, not a product. While any contractor can sell you a product, we sell you a seamless remodeling project. Our professional workers will complete your dream remodeling without making your home look like a construction site. Call McHale’s Kitchen and Bath today to learn more about getting LED lighting for your Pennsylvania home!

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