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5 Reasons to Order Recessed Lighting

5 Reasons to Order Recessed Lighting

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recessed lighting in Pennsylvania by McHale's KBA

When designing your home, there are many aesthetic choices to consider in every room of your home. One of these is a room’s lighting. How you light a room can make a great difference in a room’s ambiance, functionality, and contribution to your overall home’s market value. One type of lighting you can choose, recessed lighting, is implanted in the ceiling instead of in a hanging unit. They aren’t for every room, but this kind of lighting can be great for your kitchen or bathroom. As one of the area’s remodeling experts, we can tell you how recessed lighting can brighten up your home.

Here are five reasons to ask our experts about getting recessed lighting for your kitchen or bathroom:



Recessed lighting is one of the few types of purchasable lighting that’s waterproof. For most rooms, this feature will rarely, if ever, be important. However, this feature means it can be used in shower stalls and is good for bathroom remodeling in general. Also, the casing for the lights is resistant to dust and similar contaminants.


Complete coverage

With normal ceiling lights, you’ll have good light coverage for the center of your room. However, this lighting will have difficulty reaching the edges of the room. With recessed lighting, you can carefully arrange your lights so you can completely cover your room.


Wall-washing for better-looking rooms

Wall-washing is a lighting effect where you using the proper trim allows your lights to cast more light. Proper wall-washing requires the right parts and a professional’s eye, both of which we can provide. When we install your recessed lights, we can make your kitchen look bigger and brighter.


Good for low ceilings and small rooms

Recessed lighting can make your rooms physically bigger in addition to simply looking bigger. Hanging light fixtures take up precious space in smaller areas and you can bump your head if you’re not careful. In rooms where space is limited, like bathrooms, having lights that don’t hang down can give you more room.


Never out of style

Style and fashion can be a daunting and sometimes nonsensical subject for many. Luckily, recessed lighting, unlike track or monorail lighting, is safe from the whims of trends. Recessed lighting’s sleek, modern look has never truly been in style. That means these lights will never go out of style. You’ll never have to worry about people finding your lights tacky.


Why call McHale’s KBA to install my new lights?

At McHale’s Kitchen and Bath, our goal for every job is for you to enjoy your investment. Almost 70 years of experience have taught us that remodeling is a process, not a product. While any contractor can sell you a product, we sell you a seamless remodeling project. Our professional workers will complete your dream remodeling without making your home look like a construction site. Call McHale’s KBA today to learn more about our lighting selection! 

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