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Choosing the Best Kitchen Paint

Choosing the Best Kitchen Paint

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When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, there’s a lot of things to consider. A major consideration, for instance, is what parts you’re looking to change. One of the easier things to change is your paint or wallpaper. If you know nothing about painting, it may seem daunting choosing the best kitchen paint for your needs. Fortunately, you have the experts at McHale’s Kitchen and Bath here to help you!

What am I looking for with my kitchen paint?

For color, some of the most popular colors are red, blue, green, yellow, white, and gray. Yellow and red are both more exciting shades, while the other colors are more low-key, calming shades. As for the paint types, you’ll most likely be going with latex paint. Latex paint is highly durable and can be cleaned with warm water and soap. In older days, oil paints were more popular due to being durable. However, they carried toxic contaminants that released as the paint dried, smelled bad, and had to be cleaned with solvents.

For finishes, the best options are semi-gloss and satin. Kitchens are a busy part of the home, and the walls there will often need an extra bit of cleaning. Because of this, you’ll want to avoid a flat finish. Although it’s good at hiding flaws, it’s hard to wash without damaging the paint surface. Meanwhile, you’ll want to avoid gloss paint because it tends to show off imperfections in the wall’s surface. Semi-gloss and satin are both capable of taking a scrubbing while retaining their gloss over time. However, some of the other paints are better for painting certain parts of the kitchen. Gloss paint is best for around the sink due to its resistance to water while eggshell paint is fairly similar to satin paint.

Why choose McHale’s KBA to remodel my kitchen?

McHale’s Kitchen and Bath has nearly 70 years of experience working with kitchen and bathroom remodels. We offer a wide variety of paint styles that are fully capable of handling your kitchen’s messes. When you have us paint your kitchen, we have a specific procedure we follow:

  • Wallpaper removal.
  • We’ll take care to tape off windows, doors, and outlets so we don’t ruin their finish.
  • Also, we maneuver carefully around any appliances to avoid getting paint on them.
  • We place drop cloths over larger fixtures and the floors to ensure they stay clean.
  • After the job is complete, we will completely clean up the area and ensure you are happy with our work before leaving.

If you’re looking for expert remodeling, call McHale’s KBA today!

By McHales Kitchen and Bath

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