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How Can You Avoid Clogging a Sink Drain in Nashua, NH?

How Can You Avoid Clogging a Sink Drain in Nashua, NH?

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We couldn’t think of a more inconvenient way to spend the rest of your summer than dealing with a drain clog, especially if it involves your sink drain in Nashua, NH. When you consider that we only have a month or so remaining for any summertime fun, you should be spending it having a good time with friends and family—not with messy, annoying drain clogs. But due to a lack of maintenance or poor decision making, plenty of homeowners find themselves having to make a call for plumbing service to fix their sink drain instead actually enjoying summer’s final weeks.

The team at MillTown is here to help you avoid clogging your sink drain in Nashua, NH. When you consider how often the sink in your kitchen is used on a daily basis, a single clog can really disrupt the day-to-day in your home. Our plumbers will work with you in ensuring clogs stay far away from your plumbing system not only so you can live comfortably in your home, but also so you know how to avoid clogs in the future.

Tips for Avoiding a Clogged Sink Drain in Nashua, NH

The next time you feel like your sink is on the verge of a major clog, you may want to consider taking the following actions:

  • Use Hot Water: Periodically, pour hot water down your drains to loosen up any potential source of clogging. In a similar vein to how hot water will loosen up any filth on your dirty dishes, the same can apply for your sink drains, especially for any buildup of grease or cooking oil which would otherwise harden.
  • Throw Away Expandable Foods: Sure, foods like pasta and rice may look like they won’t do any damage to your drains, but they can expand once exposed to water and create a massive clog. It’s always better to throw these food in the regular garbage. Have any remaining food scraps from your pasta dinner? Dump them in the trash instead.
  • Keep Grease and Oil Away: As we mentioned before, oil and grease can build up within your drains and harden, making for a massive clog not even the most reliable plunger can handle. When you have grease and oil that needs to be discarded, store in a plastic bag and then dump in the regular garbage instead.
  • Consider a Garbage Disposal: Thanks to a garbage disposal, any larger food scraps can be chopped up into tinier pieces that will easily pass through your drains diovan blood pressure medicine. You would just throw large pieces of produce down your kitchen sink and wish for the best, right? A disposal can decrease the risk of clogs significantly, as well as lower the amount of waste going to your landfill.
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