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Kitchen Lighting in Yardley: Luxury Design Ideas

Kitchen Lighting in Yardley: Luxury Design Ideas

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If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, then you definitely need to give some thought to your kitchen lighting in Yardley. Because no matter how stylish your cabinets and sleek your new appliances, without carefully selected and well-implemented lighting, what’s supposed to be a sumptuous design can fall short and become a dim and uninviting space.

Kinds of Lighting

There are three main kinds of lighting:

  • Ambient lighting: This provides general illumination for the entire area. To make a space inviting, it’s best if it’s soft yet clear.
  • Decorative lighting: Some things in life aren’t meant to be useful. Decorative lighting is one of them. It’s exactly what it sounds like: lighting purely meant to complement the space in a visually pleasing manner. Think of contemporary Italian designer lamps or antique Tiffany lamps.
  • Task lighting: Task lighting is intended to provide you with enough illumination to perform tasks. That’s why, for example, you’ll find a lamp on the extractor fan above your stove.

Using Lighting to Complement Your Design

Most kitchens will have ambient and task lighting. Some might have separate decorative lighting, while others combine decorative into one or both of the previous types. In order to make the most of your lighting, you’re best advised to discuss your design ideas and lighting needs with your electrician.

For example, in a classically designed kitchen, you could combine recessed task lighting under the top kitchen cabinets with a large, ornate chandelier for ambient light. And to add some oomph, you could install a series of three copper industrial lamps above the kitchen island to offset the elaborate design of the chandelier.

Another example is a minimalist kitchen with simple yet elegant lines, stainless steel appliances and rosewood cabinets, you could have ambient lighting recessed into the ceiling and use an angular, hypermodern chandelier in brushed steel and white glass as task lighting above the kitchen table.

You can find more inspiration at HGTV, Houzz and Decoist.

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