Why Is My Toilet Not Flushing?

Why Is My Toilet Not Flushing?

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a toilet not flushing shouldn't slow you down

Of all the things that can go wrong with your plumbing in Bucks County, one of the most frustrating is a toilet that does not flush properly. Problems with flushing range from no flush at all to continuous “running” after the flush. Here at McHales Kitchen and Bath Remodeling, we want to break down the common culprits when it comes to an improperly flushing toilet. 


Not Flushing At All

If nothing happens when you press down the flusher, there are two common problems that may be happening inside your toilet. The first is that the tank may not have enough water in it. Without enough water, the tank will not flush. The valve for this is usually just behind your toilet, so ensure that it is open and the float inside the tank is unobstructed. The second most common problem with no flush at all is the chain connecting the flapper is loose or disconnected. If the chain is too loose, it will not activate the flush. Open the tank and ensure there is tension between the chain and your flusher handle.


Bowl Does Not Empty

When you press the flusher, it should lift the flapper in your tank allowing water to rush quickly into the bowl for a smooth flush. When your toilet bowl does not empty all the way, this can be the sign of a couple different issues. One may be that the pipes are clogged. This can be solved by plunging it yourself or snaking the pipes by a professional. If you have snaked and plunged your toilet and are still experiencing slow flushes, it can be the chain. If the chain is too loose, it may be lifting the flapper slowly when you pull it. This slow release does not give the water the momentum it needs to flush the bowl quickly.


Continuous Flushing

Perhaps the most annoying problem of all is when the toilet continuously “runs” after you’ve flushed it. That running water sound is not only annoying, but it’s also wasting water. When the flapper lifts to let the water into the bowl, it should seal tightly over the drain once the flush is complete. If the flapper is bent or warped, it will not seal properly which allows a slow stream of water to trickle into the bowl. That is the culprit for the running water noises. The flapper should be replaced if you hear that noise for extended periods of time after each flush.


Why Choose McHales Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

If your toilet is struggling to keep up with your family’s needs, then perhaps upgrading may be the solution. The expert bathroom remodeling team at McHales Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling can assist you in choosing and installing the right toilet for your needs. We have been in business since 1950, providing the highest quality services to Bucks County and the surrounding areas.

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