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Benefits of Installing a Walk-In Shower

Benefits of Installing a Walk-In Shower

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A walk-in shower is just what you need from McHale's KBA

You may have been considering replacing your existing shower or tub in Bucks County. At McHale’s Kitchen and Bath Remodeling, we recommend going for a modern walk-in shower for your next bathroom remodel. Instead of taking up room in your bathroom with a clunky bathtub/shower combo, you can have a walk-in shower that fits seamlessly into any space. What are the benefits of switching to a walk-in model over a traditional bathtub?

Reasons to Choose a Walk-In Shower

Fits Your Space

Walk-in showers come in a variety of heights and widths which can fit any bathroom. If your bathroom is spacious, you can have one that takes up an entire wall. But if you have a compact space, a walk-in shower can be small enough to take up just a corner. There is no need to wonder if the bathtub will fit into your space or compromise on your designs. A new walk-in shower will work in any space!

Easy to Clean

Most walk-in showers are made of tile, which is much easier to clean than your average porcelain or plastic shower interior. Tile can be scrubbed down with any cleaner you choose without the worry of damaging it or staining with bleach. In addition to the tile walls, many walk-in showers have glass doors. You can say goodbye to moldy shower curtains- glass doors can be cleaned with the same products as the tile. You can enjoy less time cleaning and more time enjoying your new shower with a walk-in model.

Ease of Access

If you’re someone with mobility issues, then a walk-in shower is the perfect solution. Walk-in showers are nearly flush with your flooring, so there is no high ledge to climb over. If you want a shower that will serve your family for years, then this is the best option for you.

Why Choose McHale’s Kitchen and Bath?

When you make the decision to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, you want the final product to be both functional and beautiful. At McHale’s, that is our ultimate goal and what we strive to deliver for every customer. Our designers can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams and get you the best products on the market. And when you choose to install a walk-in shower, you can enjoy your new bathroom for years to come.

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